AT&T Transamerica


Fuxion has worked with VISITFLORIDA on various campaigns that utilize the full breadth of our production experience including in-depth scriptwriting, stunning visuals, high flying aerials along with unique techniques that include time lapse and even 360 degree videos. Through the support of Florida's residents and government initiatives, VISITFLORIDA has created a sustainable business model that has resulted in substantial returns on investment for the people that support Florida tourism industry, these are Real Stories about Real People all working together to sustain a strong tourism economy.

This was one of our favorite campaigns featuring the Sun N Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, where aviation enthusiasts can literally Fly-in and camp out at the Lakeland air field while watching some of the latest innovations in aviation technology. We were even able to catch a ride as the the US Army Golden Knights parachute team plummeted from 20,000 feet above Florida, you can even view it in 360 degree video.

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