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Fuxion offers clients unique branding and marketing opportunities through its extensive network of professionals dedicated to the highest standards of production quality including production management, cinematography, scriptwriting, photography as well as video and audio post-production. The company is led by the Emmy winning production team of Johanna Vega and Scott Barnett, who have combined their talents to produce hundreds of broadcast commercials, documentaries and digital content including the nationally syndicated, Emmy-winning TV show Kid Stew produced with South Florida PBS and best-selling author James Patterson.

The two have recently worked on some other notable projects for PBS including State of Rodeo, highlighting the five hundred year history of Cowboy culture here in the Sunshine State and celebrates Florida's distinct Rodeo tradition. Their most recent documentary is Crossing Overtown, exploring Miami's unique role in the Civil Rights movement and offers a discourse on policing in communities of color. Both documentaries are currently airing on PBS.

Johanna Vega / Scott Barnett

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