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State of Rodeo - PBS

The first cattle and horses were brought to the New World by the Spanish to the Southwestern shores of Florida, State of Rodeo celebrates 500 years of Rodeo and Ranching in the place where it all began featuring a diverse group of Cowboys and Cowgirls from various backgrounds and experiences, yet all part of the connected Rodeo family. This award winning hour long documentary is currently airing on PBS stations around the country and was sponsored by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the first Cowboys in North America. Distributed through NETA and support through the Southern Documentary Fund.

Bull riding is the marquee show at the Rodeo, Cowboys try their luck trying to ride out 8 seconds before they get bucked off. Rodeo consists of various performances that highlight the rich tradition Cowboy Culture, barrel racing, roping, broncs, steer wrestling, it's all part of a long tradition in the State that started it all.

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