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Crossing Overtown

Crossing Overtown highlights the City of Miami's contribution to the national civil rights movement and tackles the hard questions facing America as we continue to contemplate the contentious realationship between black communities and police departments. Delrish Moss, born in Miami's historic Overtown, would rise to the occasion when called upon to become the Chief of Police in Ferguson, Missouri, and he would carry the legacy of Overtown with him to bring a sense of justice to a community in need of healing. This is the story of that legacy and brings to light a history from the other side of the tracks. Presenting Station is South Florida PBS with national distribution through American Public Television.

This hour long documentary features three generations of police leadership as they contemplate what it means to live a life in Black and Blue. Lieutenant Archie Mckay (left) began his career as a patrolman in 1950 with the only Black Police Precinct and Courthouse in America, and would lead the way for a new generation of police leadership, with Delrish Moss (center) the first African American Chief of Police in Ferguson, Missouri and Clarence Dickson (right) Miami's first African American Police Cadet and eventually Chief of Police.

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