Take Me Fishing VISIT FLORIDA Marine

Take Me Fishing / Vamos a Pescar - Social Media Campaign

Fuxion teamed up with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation to create a full suite of video content for the organization's various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The objective was to create informational videos offering tips and tricks for fishing novices. The Take Me Fishing campaign encourages recreational fishing and boating and is complimented by a affiliated campaign in Spanish called Vamos a Pescar.

The videos were shot on location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and feature Captain Diego Toiran, a fishing Influencer based in Key West, Florida. The videos were shot in high resolution 4K video and then formatted for the appropriate size and specifications for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

As content producers, we need to be more cognizant than ever about the distribution of this content, and now our clients need solutions that address the full breadth of their media needs. This process starts at the beginning of the creative process and for this project we created scripts that could be adapated for various media formats.

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